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1 (866) 670-1101
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6600 Davand Dr
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada    L5T 2M3

AOG Services

If you are currently aircraft-on-ground and in need of AOG Service, please call our AOG line-
1 (833) W E R E - A O G [9373 - 264]
E-mail response may be delayed due to timezone differences.
Inquiries made from this page usually have a one-hour response turnaround.

Venture Aviation provides 24-hour A.O.G. services in the immediate area of Lester B. Pearson airport and throughout Southern Ontario performing structural and composite aircraft repair to various airlines and maintenance repair organizations. We also provide mobile repair technicians worldwide for warranty service and maintain an extensive network of avionics, mechanics and structures technicians to provide qualified labor resources in the aerospace industry.

24/ 7 AOG Service    1 (833) WERE - AOG


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Venture personnel may be contacted via email; the email address for any individual employee is their first initial then their last name followed by @venture.aero.

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